Why Bgmi ban in India? Is that real or fake

Grootyt564, Sunday, August 14, 2022
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As you all know, it has been heard from last few days that BGMI has been banned in India. So what is the truth behind this? If the BGMI has been banned in India then why it has happened and if it has not been made then why all this being is heard everywhere. If you really want to know that it is real or fake.

My Name is Deepanshu. And I am a BGMI competitive Player and I also heard this new on the YouTube channels and also on news websites. So, I want to talk about this that Bgmi actually banned or not. So, read this full article to know about it.

BGMI Removed From Play Store And App Store.

There is a discussion going on in the market right now that the BGMI has been removed from the Play Store and App Store. A lot of people are saying that BGMI has been removed from Play Store and App Store due to maintenance. That the server of this game is down now and it will be kept in maintenance for now. And till then all the same things were going on in the market.

And after listening to all these things, questions started coming in the right mind that now it has become banned in India. And now soon it will be banned permanent. So let’s know now that Bgmi has been banned that some other things will also come to the fore.

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Is BGMI Ban in India?

So now some things have come to the fore like the BGMI has been banned in India. People were able to play it But unable to download it from play store and app store. There are some websites which have posted that Google had received special orders from above that the BGMI should be completely stopped in India.

And because of this, he removed the BGMI from Play Store and App Store. And if someone wants to play the game then you can play it with any trick but if he wants to download the game then it is not possible. When any update coming to Bgmi then you can’t update it because this is not possible in India region.

Is BGMI Playable in India?

If we talk that the BGMI is playable in India. So yes you can play it easily without any problem. Because the BGMI server is alive and you can play your game easily. But if you want to buy something in the game like UC and other in-game items, then you can’t because some in-app purchases have been blocked at the moment.

If we talk about our first Pubg ban in India. So if we look at the history of the Bgmi, Pubg was banned earlier because Pubg had some connections with China. During which PUBG was banned in India. But the Pubg also came back in the form of Bgmi. The PUBG was banned because it had links with China and was made by Tencent.

And Tencent itself was accused that it is a Chinese company and they are keeping the data of India on the Chinese server and sharing it. That’s why the game was banned. But Krafton did all these things right and brought the server to India. And Krafton also promised that we will make huge investments in India and they have also recently done in various tournaments and Esports.

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One thing can also happen that the Pubg was given a new look to the game and after making some changes, it was published in India under the name of BGMI. After this the Bgmi has been removed from Play Store and App Store so that no one can download it anymore. Now it is possible that its servers can also be stopped. After this no one will be able to play the Bgmi in India.

But now the talk about the Bgmi is going on. But now the discussion about the BGMI is going on. Krafton is in constant talks to bring the game back to India. As soon as there is some update about the Bgmi, I will try to let you know first.


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