Rank Your Article Fast in Google – 5 Pro Tips

Grootyt564, Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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There are lots of ways to write a best artice for your blog. Which will help you to rank your article in Google. So, if you are searching for that what is the best way to write a best article for your blog. I will give you best 5 pro tips to write a best article.

So, hello friends my name is Deepanshu. Today in this video I will tell you about how to write a best article for your website. If you are facing any problem while writing your article then I am here to solve your problem. So read this full article.

1. Must Add Keywords in Your Article?

Friends if you are writing a post on a particular keyword then you must have a proper way to add your main keywords in your paragraphs, headings, and also in images. This trick help you a lot to rank your article on a particular keyword.

rank your article fast and easy how to rank your article rank blog post very fast

When you are writing your article then don’t make lots of paragraphs in your article. Because it will affect in your ranking factor? If possible, make minimum paragraphs in your article. If you are adding some images in your article then must add some keywords in “image alt text.”

2. Add Some Images in Your Article For Best On Page SEO.

Now we are learning how images is really works to rank our article in google. When anyone searching on google images section. Then your image will show there and then you can get more clicks and views on your blog post. Because this trick is very useful.

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3. Internal Linking is Very Helpful To Rank Your Article

rank your article fast and easy how to rank your article rank blog post very fast

If you want to rank your article fast and in very short time then this is for you. Because everyone at this time using this internal linking trick to improve their ranking score in google. When google analyzing your article and found some internal links in your article then it will index your website in search console very fast.

And one more thing when someone reading your article and if your link is useful then it will definitely click to your link? And you will get more clicks in your article. So, use internal linking trick because this is very useful. Now, moving to our next trick.

4. Index Your Article in Google Search Console.

When your article is ready to publish? Then after publishing your article you must submit your article in Google search console. Because by chance your article is not submitted in search console then it will help you to submit your article in google.

Because there are lots of people are making this mistake and their posts are not indexed. But, you don’t do this mistake. You have to do all possible steps with your article.

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5. Don’t Copy Paste Other Website Content in Your Article.

rank your article fast and easy how to rank your article rank blog post very fast

Keep in mind if you will copy other website data then you can not rank your article. Because Google is very smart and he can easily detect copied content in your article. And it will block or remove your article from indexing. So always write your unique content and easily rank your website.

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These are the last word and my opinions for fast rank your website. Always use unique content and make it easy to rank. Because there are lots of blogger are working at this time and competition is very high. So, if you can’t make a unique content then your website can’t rank in Google.

So, work smart instead of doing hard work. Because your uniqueness is the main key to make you’re a successful blogger. Don’t waste your time start work from now.

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