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Grootyt564, Saturday, August 6, 2022
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Hello friends, I know what are you searching on google and also on youtube. You created a youtube channel or you have a dead youtube channel. And you want to grow your youtube channel. So, there are some problems that you are facing. So, we will cover all your problems and also their solutions.

So, I am asking a question to you. that youtube video you are creating for your viewers. And you think that your video will go viral. No, you are wrong. Now you thinking. How you wrong. When you are creating a good video and a good thumbnail. So, why you are wrong. So, I will explain the main problem.

Why your Youtube channel not growing?

So now, if we go with youtube algorithms. There are some problems that you are doing. So, try to explain you. you are creating videos everyday but the question is that viewers like your video or not. What type of content your subscribers want. How you can know this.

So there are some tips to know that how you can know that which type of subscribers you have on your channel. And what type of content they are like to watch. So I will explain all that things. But you have to stay on this post and read this post till end to know the main problem of your channel.

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1. What type of subscribers you have on your channel?

So, a simple trick I have for you to easily know how you can know about what type of subscribers your channel have.  And what type of content they want to watch. So, when you created your channel. And then you start making videos. When you published your first video and then second video and then third and much more.

Then you see one of your video get lots of views in comparison of other videos. I mean there is a video that cross lots of views you can’t believe. So, open dashboard and then see what is the keyword used in that particular video. And what type of that video actually.

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2. How to go viral on Youtube easily?

Now, you have an idea that what type of your videos can get more views. Now start making that typw of videos. And try to upload videos everyday. And make sure you have to add some keywords on your videos on basis of video type.

There are some additional techniques to grow your youtube chanel easily. So, thera are some tricks I have to grow your youtube channel easily. First two tricks I have already told. Now, I am going to reweal my remaining 4 tricks. But, don’t forget to read 5 trick which is most useful and very effective for your channel growth. Now, going to my third trick.

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3. Create a Unique Thumbnail to Attract Viewers.

Almost everyone makes a mistake while creating thumbnails on YouTube. And also you are making this mistake also. When you are going to create your thumbnails for YouTube? Then set one thing in your mind. Don’t creating thumbnails like fully colorful and spammed with text. Users on YouTube will facing problems to watch your thumbnail. And they will ignore your YouTube Video.

So, what you can do for your thumbnail. Guys keep in mind your thumbnail looks simple. And your text on thumbnail looks clearly. So, use colors on your thumbnail that shows your text attractive. When your thumbnail looks simple and attractive? People will click on your YouTube videos. Now going to our next fourth trick.

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4. Write a Powerful Description For Your YouTube Videos.

Description has a real role to help your youtube videos go viral. You have to create a strong desctiption for your YouTube videos. But, how you can do this? Now not that point what type of videos you are making. Write all those tags in the your description related your You Tube video.

Because, description makes a most powerful role for your video. When anyone searches any keyword on You Tube and that keyword already mentioned in your video. That means you have a chance to get some users by searching. And after that YouTube will start recommend your videos.

5. YouTube Tags Really Works For Your Videos or Not?

When you are going to publish your video on YouTube then you have seen this tags section. Now you are thinking that if tags actually working than what we should do. Or if not then we are done here or we are missing something. So, your questions are right.

YouTube clearly told that tags are just a thinking it’s not working properly for your videos. But the main point is your tittle and description. So, you have to work properly on your description and your tittle. Follow my previous tricks to make your tittle and description powerful.

6. My Opinion

So, at the end what is my opinion for you? Guys is you want to grow on YouTube. So, there are only one think that consistency. Because consistency is the key of success. And when you start working regularly on YouTube than you will see your channel starts growing up.


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