How to Get Adsense Approval Fast For Blogger

Grootyt564, Monday, August 8, 2022
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If You are searching for How to get adsense approval bloggers very fast. there are so many website are running on the internet but there are most of the website are not using adsense because of adsense rejected their websites. so, now what you can for your website so, that google approve your webiste.

i have all your question which is running in youor mind. But you have to read this article to get right knowledge which will help to get youur websites approve fast. i am here to solve all your questions. don’t worry you will get best solution to get adsense aproval i first attempt.

Most Important Pages to Get Adsense Approval For Your Website.

when you created your website for first time. then you have ignored to create some important pages for your website. which will help you a lot. so there are some important pages you have to create for your website. so, you don’t have to go any where to search how to create these pages.

Important Pages:

  1. About us
  2. DMCA Disclaimer
  3. Contact us
  4. Privacy Policy

How To Create These Pages Easily For Your Blog?

These pages is most important and you have to create these pages to get approval fast and in a single attempt. When you are going to create these pages. So, keep in mind do not copy other webiste pages contant. Otherwise your website will rejected for approval. So, you have to create these pages by yourself.

When you are going to create about us page for your website this is easy to create. Simpe you have to write your personal details like – about yourself, your name and age, about your website categories, about your website niche, which type of contant you provide on your webiste. After this your about us page is ready to publish.

Disclaimer page is hard to create but I can make it easy for you. You can search online for free disclaimer page generatoe. And simple fill your name and email, and your webiste details. When you complete this process. They will provide you a fresh disclaimer for your website. Simply copy and paste it into your page.

Contact us page is very simple to create. Because there are so many plugins available in wordpress. Simplly download and install any plugin and make your contac us page easyily. And wordpress also provide you a pre – generated privacy policy page. You have to publish this page. Your all pages is ready to go.

Why Adsense Not Approving Your Website?

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When you created a website then you are very exited to submit your website for adsense approval . and google rejected your website. Because of your website is new and your website is not ready aor not compatible to show google ads. And you will not get approval untill your website is a few days old.

So, what you cann do at this situation. You have to be patience for your website approval. Just  forget everything  and  work everyday on your ebsiste write a post everyday til atleast one month. After one month you can submit your website for adsense approval.

And google will easily approve your website easily. Because you have done your work properly. So, don’t try to do something wrong with your website. Otherwise it will affect your website.


At the end, I am just tell you don’t be very excited to submit your website in google adsense  for approval. Otherwise your website can get rejection. First create all important pages and then work properly in your website till one month. Then go to submit your website for adsense approval.

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