Earn Money by Adding Adsense in Movie Website in 2022

Grootyt564, Friday, August 5, 2022
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Hello Friends, I am going to tell you about how people are making money by movie website. And the socking thing is that they are earning with Google ads. Google is only accepting legit websites. But, the main question is that why Google providing his ads on movie website.

So, in this post I will tell you full legit method with a secret trick. So, you have to read this full post to know about this method. If you miss any paragraph of this website then you will lose something big.

How To Make Movie Website With Looking At Google Adsense Policy?

You can make a movie website easily. At this time there are lots of new blogger coming in this field to make money and trying to achieve their dreams. And if you are searching this at Google that how to make movie website then you are a blogger and you want to start your own website. Which is also correct?

You have to create a successful website. And no one wants to waste their time. So if you will search on google that how to make a movie website from scratch. Then there are lots of videos already available on youtube. So, from where you can easily create a movie website by watching some videos. If you have any questions you can comment below in comment box.

If you are thinking that how much money needed for making a movie website. And what is the best hosting for creating a movie website. Where we can purchase a good domain name? and where we can purchase all these things in cheap price with best services.

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Why Google Provides Ads For Movie Website?

So, finally this time is about to know that why google provides their ads to movie website. Now, if we talk about what is the main reason that google provides their ads. So, this is very simple reason. The main reason is google adsense are working with those websites who really deserve to show google ads on their movie website.

Actually movie websites are having a huge amount of traffic. And now at this time they are making lots of money by doing this buy no one don’t have tricks to do this. Movie website don’t promoting google ads but I swear they are making money with google ads. You continue I will tell you how it happens.

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How Movie Websites Are Making Money With Google Ads?

So, this is a secret trick which they are using. Actually they are not using google ads on their original movie websites. Because google will never provide their ads to any movie websites. So, what they are doing? Now, they are using google ads on another website and earning money with money website.

Now, a new question arrive in your mind. Bro but how this is possible? When they are not using google ads on their movie websites so, how they can earn money from this. and if they are earning money from another websites.

So, there is not much traffic on that webisite. Yes, your all questions are right. It is possible only with redirection. Now, let’s come I will tell you what is redirection. And how it’s working to possible this impossible things.

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What is Redirection?

So, redirection is working with two different links. Redirection will redirect your any website or url to another url or website. I means one page to another page. So, if you are working with any website and your website is facing any problem or even you want to redirect your website traffic to another website or page.

So, you can do this easily by redirection. If you are using wordpress for your website. Then this is very easy to do this. Redirection is very simple you can do this easily. Now, you have some knowledge about how redirection works. Then, how movie websites are using redirection to make money from this trick.

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How Movie Websites Are Using Redirection To Make Money?

So, what blogger are doing to their movie websites to making money. They make movie websites and a another website for using google ads and also for redirection. Means if any google user coming to movie website and want to download any movie. Then he will search for that particular button to download movie.

So, we have to work on that download button. We will give another website link through download button which supports google ads. Your movie websites total traffic will redirect to another website that support google ads. Now enjoy.


So, this is the trick you can use for your movie website. This is a best trick to make money through movie websites. So, movie websites are earning money with using google adsense ads. this is mind blowing trick and this is fully legal way. You can use this trick for your website. You can share your opinion to help me in writing articles for you. Comment below your thoughts in comment box.


How much does AdSense pay per 1000 views on website?

it is not fixed to say about how much does adsense pay for 1000 views on blog. because AdSense is working for category wise. thre are some websites on good niche are making between $1 to $2.

Can You Put AdSense on Any Website?

you can put adsense on any website excluded downloading website, and other violating AdSense Policy.
but first, you have to put adsense HTML code to your website for website verification.

is AdSense still Profitable?

yes, adsense is only the best high paying ad network. so, you can go with adsense. put the adsense ads on your website and start making money from your any blog or website.

Can i use adsense without bank?

you can use adsense without any bank. but when you have complete your adsense threshold of $100. then you have to add an bank account to recieve your payment from adsense account.

Does AdSense pay monthly?

Yes, adsense is paying monthly. it released your payment of every month on 22th date. but it taking 2 or 3 days to put your earning in your bank account.


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