After BGMI Ban Career is dead. Now What?

Grootyt564, Sunday, August 21, 2022
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So hello gamers how are you all. At this time BGMI has is banned in india, so what can you do in such a situation? There were some people here who used to play Bgmi only for fun but there are many people or such. Who had a career with Bgmi. Now whether it is youtuber or esports player.

Now the question is after bgmi ban what can we do for our career. So, don’t take any tension there are lots of games are available in market as same as bgmi. Like Pubg: New state, Call of Duty, Apex Legends and many more. So, I will tell you what you can do at this situation.

What is The Best Game After BGMI Ban?

So, if we talk about the best game in market now. Which will give us same feeling as Bgmi. Pubg New State can be your next game after Bgmi Ban. But, Bgmi was very impressive and no one can beat Bgmi. Because Bgmi is very high graphics game and it gives us real world feels. When we start paying Bgmi. You will get lost in it. It gives such feelings as you are playing this game in real world.

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There are lots of games are available in market. But if I remember you the best game which is “Pubg New State.” You can play this game very easily. Because this game is same as bgmi. all guns, firearms, ammo, grenades, and also the sensitivity is totally same as Bgmi.

You can stream this game on youtube and on other platforms. There are lots of tournaments and paid scrims held everyday. You can start you competitive journey with Pubg New State. And all Bgmi community will start watching your gameplay on youtube slowly slowly.

How to Start Playing Competitive After Bgmi Ban?

There are lots of whatsapp group are making paid scrims of Pubg New State everyday. Go and join these groups and start playing paid scrims. And start your competitive journey from there. Because at this time competition is low and you can easily dominate other player by making your game aggressive. And you easily can grow at this time.

You can record your gameplays and you can upload these gameplays on youtube. Side by side you can grow your youtube channel. And Pubg New State officials will announce soon a Tournament with a huge prizepool.

If you want to know why bgmi got banned in india then you can read this article to know full details. That what is the main reason of Bgmi ban.

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What Youtubers Can Do After Bgmi Ban?

if you have a youtube channel and Bgmi is Your main content. Here you can start playing some other open world games like Gta 5, Call of Duty, Valorant, and many other PC games available you can play. Because you have Bgmi audience on your youtube channel and if you know you have a gaming audience. And when you start playing other games your audience start watching your gameplays and live streams.

You can make you gameplay with lots of fun. And do funny live streams daily with your gameplay. Then your audience will start watching you. And after some time YouTube will start recommend your videos. So, your YouTube career is not end yet you can make lot of things with your channel. Because there are lots of channels are doing same things with their channel. You can use different tricks to go viral easily. You can voice over your gameplays with fun.


If you are thinking that after Bgmi ban your career is about to end. So, don’t think this because there are lots of options available for you. I am also a Bgmi competitive player and I also have a gaming channel on YouTube. I also started playing Pubg New State and paid scrims and all. So, go with this make sure all things will be easy.


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